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Bone Marrow Biopsy & Aspiration Needles

MPM Medical Supply offers high-quality biopsy instrument solutions that will help alleviate issues with reaching the marrow cavity and retrieving a quality sample. Our full line of bone marrow instruments are manufactured in the United States. We also offer our needles available in our bone marrow biopsy procedure trays.

Bone Marrow Biopsy Needles

Patient & Physician Benefits

Our 11 gauge bone marrow biopsy set includes a marrow extraction cannula aimed at ensuring a quality specimen by collecting and holding the bone marrow in the needle cannula without using the painful needle deflection technique or altering the architecture of the sample. This increases patient comfort, reduces the risk of a lost sample and improves the quality of the specimen. Our biopsy needles have a double diamond stylet point which is exceptionally sharp resulting in easy penetration of the marrow cavity. The twin peaks cutting edge on the taper cannula tip provides superior coring ability. The handle is ergonomically designed to allow the physician to apply sufficient pressure for penetration without experiencing hand fatigue. Our 11 gauge biopsy needles are available in 10cm or 15cm lengths and can be purchased in boxes of 10. 

Bone Marrow Aspiration Needles

Our bone marrow aspiration needle with adjustable needle stop (which can also be removed) offers safe and simple aspiration from the sternum or iliac crest. The ergonomically designed handle provides clinician comfort while easily penetrating hard bone. The Luer Lock Connector on the handle provides for secure syringe attachment. Our 5cm aspiration needles are available in 15 gauge or 16 gauge sizes and come in boxes of 10.