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HSG/HS Catheters and Trays


MPM Medical Supply now offers 4 varieties of balloon HSG/HS catheters. The first is the traditional balloon HSG catheter and is our most popular. The second is a shapeable HSG catheter that has an integrated stylet which affords the physician the ability to shape the catheter and is stiffer to help with difficult cases such as a restricted or stenotic cervical canal. We've, also, recently added Steen Open-Tip and Miller Advance HSG Catheters, offering our customers additional patient-friendly options. All of our HSG/HS catheters are latex-free, come in a 5Fr or 7Fr size, and are designed to seal the uterus during injection of saline or contrast.

Our HSG Procedure Tray includes all of the items necessary to perform a sonohysterogram (SIS) or hysterosalpingogram (HSG). All of our HSG Trays are manufactured in the United States. 

Over the years, MPM Medical Supply has been very successful in transitioning accounts that were using Cooper Surgical HSG/HS catheters. These customers noticed an improved flow rate and love the fact that our catheters are priced much lower.