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MRI Tuloc®

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Product Number: 603110

High-visibility, smooth handling, breast localization wire.

The MRI Tuloc® Localization System serves for the pre-operative marking of suspicious tissue under MRI control. Thanks to increased pressure stability and an extremely sharp beveling of the cannula and the wire tips, MRI Tuloc® even allows for easy and safe penetration of solid tumor tissue. If a re-positioning is required, the marker can be easily pulled back into the cannula for a correction of the position.


  • Wire and cannula are MRI compatible
  • High rigidity and stability of the cannula
  • Monofilament wire provides for best possible form and pressure stability
  • Smooth handling and marking allow for perfect control of movement and position
  • Extreme sharpness for precise and atraumatic puncture
  • Optimal visibility in the MRI and good palpability during the operation
Product Number Gauge Length Quantity/Case
601649 20 9cm 10
601649-e 20 9cm 1 each
601651 20 12cm 10
601651-e 20 12cm 1 each