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Finochietto Needle Holder, Tungsten Carbide

Product Number: 132-282

Lifetime Guaranteed German Stainless Steel!

Finochietto Needle Holder with tungsten carbide jaws is a ratcheted, dual gold finger ring instrument most commonly used for suturing in OB/GYN procedures. The long shanks of this instrument make it ideal for suturing in deep, narrow areas. They are also used for colorectal anastomosis. This product has straight shanks and angled, cross-serrated, tips.


  • Length: 10-1/2" (26.6cm)
  • Curvature: Angled
  • Blade: Tungsten Carbide
  • Working Surface: Serrated Jaws
  • Handle: Gold-Colored Finger Rings
  • Material: German Stainless Steel
  • Sterility: Non-Sterile
  • Usage: Reusable
  • Quantity: 1