Hematology Oncology Supplies

Bone Marrow Procedure Trays

From $255 per box

Bone Marrow Procedure Trays

Designed to provide the majority of components necessary to perform bone marrow biopsy procedures.

Bone Marrow Procedure Tray

Bone Marrow Procedure Trays

From $125 per box

Bone Marrow Aspiration Needles

Ergonomically designed handle with an exceptionally sharp needle point provides the clinician with comfort, while easily penetrating hard bones.

Bone Marrow Biopsy Needles

From $110 per box


Unique "Double Diamond" stylet point is designed for quick and easy penetration into the marrow cavity.

About Hematology Oncology Supplies

The medical care industry is a continuously evolving frontier. New research and discoveries allow for not only revolutionary new treatments but also exciting developments to improve existing procedures and raise the quality of care. Availability of information has led to patients having a greater understanding of their medical needs, but at times this can lead to these patients having a misunderstanding or disproportionate view of the care they need, as well as the care they are receiveing.

An increasingly informed patient base also desires increasing transparency of care. In addition, the costs of providing high quality care continue to rise while reimbursements decrease. Increased external scrutiny creates additional obstacles to running your practice or institution.

MPM Medical Supply understands the need to provide top quality equipment for top quality care, and the importance of managing costs while doing so. Finding the right equipment shouldn't be a difficult process, MPM Medical Supply makes a point of providing the best equipment at highly competetive pricing in an easy to order format. Whether ordering bone marrow biopsy needles or full bone marrow tray kits, MPM Medical Supply's inventory and online ordering system, makes it straightforward and accessible. Our system presents the information you need to find the right bone needle parts and the flexibility to build the right bone marrow tray for your practice's needs. All of our Bone Marrow Trays listed on our website have images of the bone marrow kit as well as a list of the components included in the bone marrow biopsy tray. Often these bone marrow trays are priced below the current costs of your bone marrow needles alone and provide the convenience of having the ability of opening the bone marrow kit and having all of the neccessary bone marrow biopsy needle parts needed for the procedure.  

One key consideration in maintaining an effective workflow while managing costs is to have the flexibility to use only the right tools for the right job. Of course, beginning with a solid foundation is also key in successful procedure management. An important component to a solid foundation is a well-designed bone marrow procedure tray that will save time and energy by placing the right tools in your hand. MPM Medical Supply provides physicians with these kit options and do so economically.  Ordering individual jamshidi bone marrow needles or aspiration needles by the box to supplement your tray is made easy by MPM Medical Supply as well. Our jamshidi bone marrow biopsy needles and bone marrow aspirate needles have an ergonomically designed handle and exceptionally sharp needle point that provides the clinician with comfort while easily penetrating hard bones. Physicians using our bone marrow biopsy needle and bone marrow aspiration needle notice the difference these features present during their bone marrow needle aspiration procedures. Bone marrow biopsy needle and aspiration needle boxes are available at the highest quality as well as the highest value. Try a jamshidi bone marrow needle or needle for bone marrow aspiration sample today.

The necessity of disposable tools in a high performance practice should never mean choosing between quality and low cost. That is a choice that no practice should have to make. MPM Medical Supply provides high quality equipment at the right cost so that you never have to sacrifice your quality of care. Managing the tools in your workflow is a key factor in managing your costs. Let us help you manage those tools with the right solutions specific to your needs and help with stocking Jamshidi Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle inventory and Bone Marrow Biopsy Aspirate Needle inventory your practive requires, as well as aspirate needle needs and the right procedure tray options for your facility.