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Dilapan-S Cervical Dilators

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Dilapan-S® Cervical Dilator

Of all the available cervical osmotic dilators, Dilapan-S achieves the greatest cervical dilation in the shortest timeframe.

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Loop Electrodes

From $45 per box

Loop & Ball Electrodes

High Quality Tungsten Loop and Ball Electrodes manufactured in the United States at a considerable discount. Compatible with ALL Electrosurgical Generators.

HSG Catheters

From $185 per box


Great Quality – Improved Flow Rates – Unbelievable Pricing.

About OB/GYN Equipment & Instruments

When selecting the right equipment for as delicate a surgical and procedural focus as OB GYN care and Infertility, physicians understand the quality inherent to German Stainless Steel. However, many companies that specialize in OB GYN supplies attempt to market lesser tools as the genuine article. MPM Medical Supply prides itself on providing top quality genuine German Stainless Steel Obstetrics and Gynecology instruments. It is this commitment to quality that the physicians and facilities that order from MPM Medical Supply have come to rely on.

While reductions in reimbursement have challenged physicians to manage costs when selecting their equipment, it is not an option to reduce quality to do so. MPM Medical Supply provides top quality OB GYN equipment at a substantially lower price point so that physicians can use the right OB GYN tools and surgical instruments while running their practices in a fiscally responsible manner.

The OB GYN surgical instruments that MPM Medical Supply offers are top quality genuine German Stainless Steel, carrying a 100% lifetime guarantee, designed to exceed your needs and expectations. Even better, all of our tools including speculum, sugical clamps, forceps and surgical scissors can be laser marked at no additional cost. This is an extremely popular feature, as personalizing your OB GYN instruments to identify them specifically with physician, practice, department or procedure room can make an incredible difference in effective management of your instruments.

In order to maintain high standards of quality care in an increasingly difficult and demanding economic environment, it is necessary for physicians to be able to manage costs without sacrificing high quality obstetrics instruments and gynecology Instruments. MPM Medical Supply understands this, and is committed to providing the high quality instruments and equipment that our customers have come to rely on at a much lower price point than our competition.

Our disposable OB GYN equipment is delivered with the same commitment to quality and affordability. Assuring patient comfort along with operational success and consistency has never been easier than through the great selection of equipment available through MPM Medical Supply. Our inventory is also presented in an informative and easy to navigate manner, in order to help your practice or facility understand which tools are the best fit for your needs.

MPM Medical Supply offers a full range of Obstetrics and Gynecology Instruments and OB GYN equipment that you need for any procedure, and at a phenomenally competetive wholesale pricing. Choose from our huge selection of 100% Lifetime Guaranteed German Stainless Steel OB/GYN Surgical Instruments and OBGYN medical supplies such as our Laparoscopic Single Tooth Tenaculum, Biopsy Forceps and Hysterectomy Forceps. Our disposable products such as HSG Catheters, Uterine Manipulators and IUI Catheters are manufactured in the United States. We also carry Leep or Loop Electrodes as well as Pipelles, Pessaries and Osmotic Dilators. Let us show you the best route to the quality you rely on at the price point that your practice can count on.