Flexible Reusable Teflon Dilators

Product Number: FD-01-100
  • Autoclavable, gas sterilizable, soakable
  • Less traumatic to patients with stenotic cervix
  • Made of Teflon, a self-lubricating, malleable material
  • Three different tip lengths, available separately or in a set
  • Single-ended
  • Diameter: 1.75mm to 3.8mm
  • Length: 20cm (8”)

Catalog #:

  • FD-01-100 (Cervical Os Finder, depth 2.3cm)
  • FD-01-200 (Uterine Canal Finder, depth 4.5cm
  • FD-01-300 (Uterine Cavity Finder, depth 8.5cm)
  • FD-01-500 (Set of 3, depth: 2.3cm to 8.5cm)