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Miller Advance HSG Catheters (Box of 10)

Product Number: TMI2000-MPM

The patient-friendly catheter for hysterosalpingography (HSG) and saline infusion sonohysterogram (SIS) procedures. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTAIN LATEX.

Soft Tip: The soft tip of the catheter allows for smooth insertion into the cervical canal, minimizing tearing of cervical tissue.

Thinner Diameter: Unlike other systems, the thinner diameter of the outer sheath can be placed into the endocervix to the level of the internal os with no additional dilation required, allowing the catheter to pass easily through the cervix and into the uterine cavity.

Memory Sheath: The sheath is made of a flexible memory material that allows the catheter to comfortably conform to the shape of the cervix, the cervicouterine junction, and the uterus.

“Unlike standard catheters, it has features that make HSG and SIS procedures easier, thus faster to perform. In addition, the catheter is more comfortable for my patients and that means there’s a better chance of procedure completion.”

—Charles E. Miller, MD


  • Length: 21cm, 25cm, or 28cm
  • French: 5Fr
  • Quantity: Box of 10