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Evolving Uterine Manipulators with MPM Medical Supply

Evolving Uterine Manipulators with MPM Medical Supply

Uterine manipulators have become an essential instrument in gynecological surgeries, offering precision and safety. However, like all medical tools, there's always room for improvement. At MPM Medical Supply, our commitment to enhancing the quality of medical procedures led us to the creation of the K-UMI Uterine Manipulator.

Collaboration with Physicians for a Superior Design

Before diving into the production of the K-UMI, we initiated a collaborative approach. We connected with numerous experienced physicians and solicited their valuable feedback on the existing Cooper Surgical manipulator. Their insights became the blueprint for our design process.

Key Features of the K-UMI Uterine Manipulator

Pear-Shaped Balloon: One of the standout features of the K-UMI is its pear-shaped balloon. This design was meticulously chosen to prevent leakage during injections, ensuring a safer procedure.

Shorter, Smoother Distal Tip: With patient comfort in mind, the distal tip of the K-UMI has been made shorter and smoother. This reduces the possibility of uterine perforations, an essential safety feature.

Flexible Connector: Durability is a cornerstone of any medical device. The inclusion of a flexible connector in the K-UMI is a testament to that. It, not only prevents breaks but, offers physicians the flexibility they need during intricate procedures.

Pinch-Grip Handle: Recognizing the importance of familiarity, the K-UMI features a pinch-grip handle, a design many physicians are accustomed to. This ergonomic handle ensures quick and easy repositioning, making procedures more efficient.

Comparing Other Uterine Manipulators

For medical professionals who have previously worked with the Zenani or Zoomi uterine manipulators, the enhancements in the K-UMI will be evident. We've incorporated the best features, such as the pear-shaped balloon, shorter smoother distal tip, and the robust flexible connector.


At MPM Medical Supply, our mission is to provide top-tier medical tools that make procedures safer, more efficient, and comfortable for both the medical professional and the patient. The K-UMI Uterine Manipulator is a testament to our dedication to this mission. We invite you to explore this innovative device and experience the difference it can make in gynecological surgeries.

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