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Free Ground Shipping On Orders $300 or More.
Free Ground Shipping On Orders $300 or More.

Breast Localization Needles

What we found while speaking with Breast Radiologists is that most of them have been using the same breast localization needle for years. It really is the type of product that is simple and easy to use. Over time, though, their vendors have continued to raise their prices. The reality is physicians are looking for a quality product at a great price.

We now offer a wider range of breast localization needles for you to choose from. Some of our newer options require phone ordering (call 1-800-620-2101) due to our agreement with the manufacturer to not disclose pricing online. Online we offer two of our most popular types of breast localization needles; a non-repositionable needle and one that is repositionable. Both products are made in the United States at a considerable discount to you! Our Kopans Breast Localization Needle has a traditional spring hook with a stiffened wire. The needle comes with centimeter markings to facilitate accurate depth placement. Our RPLN Breast Localization Needle is comparable to the Homer Breast Localization Needle and affords the clinician the ability to reposition the wire as needed during the procedure. The needle has centimeter markings and has an electro-polished bevel to enhance tip sharpness. The locking mechanism is marked to indicate bevel orientation of the needle as well as the direction the “J” wire will exit the needle.

Again, we know physicians need to watch costs. The reason we have been successful is that we’ve been able to provide our customers with high-quality medical products and value-added services at a substantially lower price than our competitors.

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