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Free Ground Shipping On Orders $300 or More.
Free Ground Shipping On Orders $300 or More.

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Selecting the ideal medical supply equipment, particularly for as delicate a procedural and surgical focus as OB/GYN, demands a deep understanding of quality and reliability. Gynecologists worldwide understand the quality inherent to instruments made from German Stainless Steel. Unfortunately, many companies that specialize in OB/GYN supplies attempt to market lesser tools as the genuine article. MPM Medical Supply prides itself on providing top quality genuine German Stainless Steel Obstetrics and Gynecology instruments that carry a 100% lifetime guarantee. It is this unwavering commitment to quality that makes gynecologists, physicians, and medical facilities rely on us for their obstetrics and gynecology equipment needs.

All of our stainless steel tools including speculum, surgical clamps, forceps, and surgical scissors can be laser marked at no additional cost. This is an extremely popular feature, as personalizing your OBGYN instruments to identify them specifically with the physician, practice, department, or procedure room can make an incredible difference in the effective management of your instruments and enhance organization.

While the current healthcare climate poses fiscal challenges to physicians, especially gynecologists, due to reductions in reimbursement, compromising on the quality of OB/GYN equipment is never an option. Understanding this, MPM Medical Supply offers top-tier OB/GYN tools and surgical instruments such as disposable OB/GYN instruments, forceps, hooks, HSG catheters & trays, IUD insertion & removal kits, IUI catheters, retractors, speculum, uterine manipulators, and more at substantially lower price points. This cost-effectiveness empowers gynecologists to select the right OB/GYN tools, ensuring the best patient care while managing their practices in a fiscally responsible manner.

At MPM Medical Supply, we put quality, affordability, and the needs of gynecologists at the forefront of our service, because we believe that nothing but the best should be in their hands. Trust us for all your OB/GYN instruments, and join many other satisfied gynecologists and physicians that rely on us.