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Free Ground Shipping On Orders $300 or More.
Streamlining Bone Marrow Biopsies for Better Patient Care

Streamlining Bone Marrow Biopsies for Better Patient Care

Improving Patient Care Through Bone Marrow Biopsies

Bone marrow biopsies provide crucial insights for diagnosing blood disorders and cancers. By carefully analyzing a small extracted bone marrow sample, usually from the hip, healthcare professionals gain invaluable information about the health of a patient's blood cell production. As research continues to demonstrate the diagnostic power of bone marrow biopsies, adopting efficient practices for this common procedure becomes increasingly important.

Specialized Tools Streamline Bone Marrow Biopsies

Using dedicated bone marrow biopsy procedure trays offers distinct advantages compared to individually gathering required equipment. The trays come conveniently pre-packed with all necessary sterile needles, collection vials, specimen containers, and other key items. This reduces preparation time for medical staff while minimizing the risks of contamination or forgetting essential components. Healthcare organizations that incorporate procedure trays report higher staff productivity, more consistent biopsies, and lower costs associated with missteps or delays.

Configurable Solutions for Diverse Healthcare Settings

MPM Medical Supply aims to meet the needs of a diverse range of clinical workflows and healthcare environments. For standard biopsies, we offer a Bone Marrow Procedure Tray that comes with 11G x 10CM “J” Jamshidi needles to access the bone marrow and 15G x 5CM “I” needles for aspiration. Additionally, we offer Bone Marrow Trays with or without the marrow extraction cannula as well as our bone marrow aspiration needle.

Hospitals emphasizing safety can choose the Sharps Safe tray configuration that integrates a protective case for the used needles after the procedure. And for cost-conscious clinics, the Economy Bone Marrow Tray provides essential components at a budget-friendly price point.

Enhancing Care Through Efficient Procedures

By equipping healthcare teams with optimized bone marrow biopsy tools, medical supply providers like MPM Medical enable safer, more accurate procedures. Efficient biopsies translate into prompt diagnostic insights and enhanced patient satisfaction while also benefiting hospital/clinic productivity. Streamlining the logistical elements makes proficiency in this vital diagnostic test more achievable across diverse healthcare settings.

For specific product details to understand the key benefits and differences of each tray, please visit MPM Medical Supply's Bone Marrow Biopsy Procedure Trays page. Additionally, we offer customized trays, beyond what’s listed on our website, to meet specifications of the hospital by varying the quantity of standard components, eliminating certain items, or adding new components. Custom trays require minimum quantities and several weeks lead time to manufacture. Contact our expert sales staff at 1-800-620-2101.

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