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Bone Marrow Biopsy Procedure Trays

MPM Medical Supply understands the challenges physicians face. Reimbursement has been cut and some of these procedures are barely profitable. We want to help by providing a quality bone marrow biopsy tray at a substantially lower cost. Our bone marrow procedure trays are designed to provide the majority of components necessary to perform bone marrow biopsy and bone marrow aspiration procedures. We have a number of stocked trays that include a Jamshidi bone marrow needle with or without the marrow extraction cannula as well as our bone marrow aspiration needle. The components will be beautifully organized in a formed tray for added convenience during the bone marrow biopsy procedure. We do also offer the option of arranging your components in a less customized "boat" tray which places the components in a surgical wrap and packages them in a standard medical basket. This is our "economy" option as it is more cost effective and can save your facility money. If you do not find a tray that meets your requirements we would be happy to customize your tray by varying the quantity of standard components, eliminating certain items or adding new componentry. If your facility does not use a tray for this procedure we also provide our bone marrow biopsy needles and bone marrow aspiration needles individually packaged.