Our Lifetime Guaranteed German Stainless Steel curettes are designed to provide an accurate, trouble-free sampling of the endometrial lining with minimal discomfort to the patient. All of our German stainless steel instruments are manufactured in Solingen Germany, a small town world-renowned for their work with stainless steel since the 1600’s. We carry both malleable and rigid reusable curettes.

FREE Custom Laser Marking on All Stainless Steel Instruments

Custom laser mark each instrument with your specific information. Some examples include: physician name, facility name, department name or the procedure room. Learn more about laser marking

Sims (Thomas) Uterine Curette

Sims (Thomas) Uterine Curette, Blunt


Lifetime Guaranteed German Stainless Steel! Sims (Thomas) Curette features a blunt loop tip for excision or biopsy of uterine tissue in gynecology....

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