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Needle Holders

MPM Medical Supply provides our customers with high quality German stainless steel needle holders manufactured in Solingen Germany a small town world renowned for their work with stainless steel since the 1600’s. All of our German stainless steel instruments come with a lifetime guarantee and are built to exceed the expectations of the most demanding clinicians. From Olsen Hegar and Mayo Hegar needle holders to Crile Wood or Webster Needle Holders, we carry a wide range of needle holder categories and sizes.

Most of us have had a trip to the doctor, hospital or surgical center for a procedure requiring sutures or stitches. Women who see a gynecologist or infertility specialist know that certain tools are used for their exam but few ask questions about each surgical instrument. Needle holders are one of the instruments that you will see in any doctor's office, hospital or medical institution for that matter. While needle holders seem to be a simple medical instrument, they are so much more.

If you have had the experience of getting sutures or stitches you have seen your doctor used a pair of needle holders to assist in pulling the suturing needle and tying the stitch. The skill with which they use it is remarkable.  The needle used is very small and delicate and the stitch needed is very intricate. These 2 factors require a precise instrument to do the job well. Needle holders are made of various grades of stainless steel and German stainless steel is regarded as the highest quality.

The overall vast number of options in needle holders is evidence of the importance of this instrument. The best stainless steel needle holders are made in Solingen Germany and the quality is unmatched. From 22 different types of holders and sizes ranging from 2cm to 35.5cm, doctors can select the ones that work best for a particular procedure. The blades are available in 3 variations, straight, curved and s-curved. The blade can be smooth or serrated which offers the physician a superior hold on the needle as they are working with the sutures.

As with all medical instruments, physicians should take the utmost care in cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing the needle holders. We take pride in providing the highest quality surgical instruments to physicians and they appreciate the piece of mind in knowing their needle holders will perform at a high level each time they perform an exam or procedure. The clamping mechanism on our needle holders allow a doctor to maintain a firm control on the needle as they are suturing, resulting in perfect stitches every time.