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Disposable IUD Insertion & Removal Kit (Box of 10)

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Product Number: CMS-6382

IUD Kit Includes:

  • (1) Stainless Steel Braun Tenaculum Forcep
  • (1) Long Handled Plastic Scissor, 8.5"
  • (3) Swab, Rayon 8"
  • (1) Uterine Sound
  • (1) Prep, PVP 1oz Solution
  • (1) Drape / Towel 4ply Poly 17" x 19"
  • (1) Cup, 2oz Medicine (for solution)
  • (1) Tray, Half Shallow
  • (1) Wrap, 20" x 20"

High-Quality Stainless Steel Tenaculum

MPM Medical Supply is the only company providing a Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Tenaculum in our IUD Insertion & Removal Kits. Single-Use Instruments eliminate the risk of disease transmission to Physicians, their staff and their patients.

IUD Insertion Kits are 100% Disposable

Streamline the preparation and cleanup of IUD Insertion & Removal Procedures while simultaneously lowering the risk for infection. Just open the Single-Use IUD Insertion Kit and you are ready to go. Dispose of the entire kit after completion of the procedure. No need to worry about separating items that need to be sterilized.

Reduce the Overall Procedure Time

We know how valuable time is to a Physician and their staff. The IUD Insertion & Removal Kit not only increases the efficiency of the procedure, it also simplifies the ordering process and saves time during pre-procedure setup and post-procedure cleanup.

Eliminate the Need for Sterilization

Proper sterilization of surgical instruments requires expensive equipment and well-trained employees. Studies have also shown that sterilization procedures in a clinical setting are not infallible. Eliminate the risk of transmission of infectious agents such as HPV with a sterile single-use IUD Insertion Kit.


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