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Deaver Retractor - Flat Handle, Curved End

Product Number: 123-7244

Lifetime Guaranteed German Stainless Steel!

Deaver Retractor is flexible and includes a flat handle with a curved end. This uniquely shaped retractor allows the surgeon to have a more comfortable hold while positioning it during surgeries. These surgeries typically involve areas in the deep abdominal or chest cavity. The flexible nature of the slightly curved blade may help to prevent injury to the organ's area being held. In order to accommodate certain cases, this instrument is offered in various blade widths and lengths.


  • Flexible
  • Blade width: 1" - 3"
  • Length: 10-1/2" - 13"
  • Tip Configuration: Blunt Blade
  • Handle: Flat with curved end
  • Material: German Stainless Steel
  • Sterility: Non-Sterile
  • Usage: Reusable
  • Quantity: 1