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World’s first motorized, rotating, soft tissue biopsy

CytoCore biopsy device


Now on Sale! Call for Pricing & Ordering: 1-800-620-2101

    Product Details

    CytoCore device product image

    • 5 mL syringe with adjustable suction
    • Luer adaptor compatible with a variety of needle gauges and lengths
    • Ergonomic slide switch draws back syringe and initiates motor in a single stroke


    • Compatible with any fine needle
    • Pencil grip design allows for single hand operation while imaging


    • CytoCore rotates the needle at the press of a button during biopsy
    • The spinning motion shears off large intact clusters of cells


    • The CytoCore is designed to harvest more cellular material, in fewer passes, using the smallest gauge needles

    See The Results

    Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Sample CytoCore Biopsy Sample
    Standard FNA CytoCore

    Now on Sale! Call for Pricing & Ordering: 1-800-620-2101

      Only available for shipping to: NY, NJ and DE