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Endometrial Biopsy Sampler (Box of 25)

Product Number: TMI1175
  • Centimeter depth markings guide insertion and aid catheter placement
  • Atraumatic tip reduces discomfort upon insertion
  • Firm and flexible cannula prevents kinking on insertion
  • New handle design creates a better grip during retrieval of the sample
  • Super suction and sharp curette opening ensures a reliable sample collection
  • Endometrial sampler is now non-DEHP & PVC Free
  • Not made with natural rubber latex


  • Sterile, disposable, ready to use
  • Depth Mark Range: 5cm - 11cm
  • Length: 24.5cm
  • French Size: 9.5Fr
  • Quantity: Box of 25

All endometrial samplers are 100% vacuum tested to ensure each product pulls a usable sample.