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IUI Catheter (Box of 25)

Product Number: 022723

High-quality, flexible, IUI Catheter designed for intrauterine insemination. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTAIN LATEX.

  • Atraumatic tip designed to facilitate smooth insertion
  • Allows for full visibility of the washed specimen as it is injected into the uterus
  • The clear shaft also reduces the possibility of uterine spasms and retro-flow by removing any visible air bubbles in catheter
  • The alignment allows the catheter to point towards either the left or right fallopian tube ostium for directional injection
  • Directional Injection: Side hole near the tip is aligned with the printed depth marks and a flat side of the connector
  • Sterile - Disposable - Ready to use

Catalog #:

  • 022723 (21cm, 5Fr Flexible IUI Catheter, Box of 25)