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Gerald Tissue Forceps

Product Number: 155-9001

Lifetime Guaranteed German Stainless Steel!

Gerald Tissue Forceps are a light to intermediate weight instrument with very narrow tips specifically used to handle delicate tissue. They are often used in cardiothoracic procedures. They feature 1x2 teeth to securely grasp the tissue but also have a stop peg to prevent an overly harsh grasp that may crush the tissue.


  • Straight Lengths: 7" (17.8cm); 9-1/4" (23.5cm); 11" (27.9cm); or 14" (35.5cm)
  • Curved Length: 7-1/8" (18.0cm)
  • Tip Configuration: 1x2 Teeth
  • Tip Curvature: Straight or Curved
  • Material: German Stainless Steel
  • Sterility: Non-Sterile
  • Usage: Reusable
  • Quantity: 1