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Laparoscopic 2x3 Multi Tooth Tenaculum, 10mm Diameter x 36cm Length

Product Number: LP-02-360

Tenaculum and Vulsellum Forceps (TV) are all used to hold onto tissue while retracting (pulling) the tissue.

Most Tenaculums have some type of teeth on the distal end that will dig into the tissue to insure the tissue will not slip. There is one Tenaculum called the Atraumatic Tenaculum and two Vulsellum Forceps called the Teale and the Iowa that are atraumatic (they do not break the surface of the tissue).

Tenaculums are used mainly on the cervix. Since the uterus and cervix move away for the physician easily when he tries to push an instrument against the cervix or into the cervix, a tenaculum is needed to grasp the sides of the cervix to keep it from moving.