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Rogers Hysterectomy Forceps

Product Number: 152-5350

Lifetime Guaranteed German Stainless Steel!

Rogers-Type Hysterectomy Forceps are designed to clamp the tough ligament on both sides of the uterus in a hysterectomy procedure. The atraumatic teeth provide a firm grip with minimal tissue injury. The forceps are available with straight, curved, or angled blades to accommodate a wide range of cases.


  • Length: 8-3/4" (22.0cm)
  • Curvature: Straight, Slight Curve, Full Curve, or Angled
  • Jaw Length: 1-1/2" (38.0mm)
  • Working Surface: Sarot-Style Shanks
  • Tip Configuration: 2x3 Atraumatic Teeth
  • Handle: Finger Rings
  • Material: German Stainless Steel
  • Sterility: Non-Sterile
  • Usage: Reusable
  • Quantity: 1