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Welch Allyn KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Specula Cordless Illuminator with Charging Station

Product Number: 6783-79910

The Welch Allyn KleenSpec® Cordless Illumination System features a cordless design, so you'll never have to worry about cords getting in your way or breaking again. Plus, with 5,500° K white light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as opposed to halogen, you'll experience a superior whiter, brighter light that provides you with true tissue color during an exam.

The Welch Allyn KleenSpec® Cordless Illumination System will change the way you see your patients and easily fits right into KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Speculum.

Cordless and convenient, with you in mind

  • No cord to get in the way, clean or break during procedures
  • Continuous on time of 80 minutes
  • Lithium ion battery provides a recharge time of six hours
  • Automatic on/off—insert the illumination system into the vaginal speculum and it automatically illuminates, remove it and the light goes off

Superior light source, for improved patient exams

  • No bulb replacement necessary for reduced cost of ownership
  • 5,500° K white LED technology for a whiter, brighter light
  • Truer tissue rendition and uniform spot—no dark or hot spots— for enhanced visualization of the exam area
  • Produces much less heat than traditional lamps for greater comfort